Get To Know Your Neighborhoods/Tips For Searching

Ah, Neighborhoods of Las Vegas, we love you - but why do you have to be so complicated?  


Whether one realizes it or not, Las Vegas isn't as big as they're lead to believe which can make knowing where you are a bit tricky.  Fortunately, for the geographically challenged there's a simple website to help you: Am I In Vegas?  


What many people don't realize is "Las Vegas" is actually comprised of three cities, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson, as well as Nellis Air Force Base, and a number of unincorporated Clark County townships.  


Making things even more difficult is any number of unofficial maps on the internet that show various neighborhood boundaries, many of which are rarely correct.  Since we receive an API from  Google Maps, we've set up search functions using their designated neighborhood boundaries.  This can be helpful, if you happen to know where you are - a bit more about that in a moment.


The easiest thing to do is simply use the Near Me function on the search toolbar.  Tthe distance automatically defaults to 5 miles, but it can be adjusted to as low as 1 mile which is useful if you're looking near a specific local such as Fashion Show Mall.  Rest assured, many listings have a specific local on their detailed page to designate where exactly they are located. 

Adjust "search near me" from its default of five miles.

Searching by a specific locality is helpful for larger properties such as mall or casino, just be sure to enter the name properly in the appropriate field.  


Please note: if you're going to search by price range, it's $, $$, $$$, $$$$.  


If you don't find a result, it's most likely because the business hasn't listed a price range  in which case leave it blank.  To access these fields, press the red wheel button.  

You can search via a number of criteria, both broad and specific.

One can also search by street name or zip code.  Oftentimes, the zip code results will be too numerous which is why we also added neighborhoods.  Using this function will require a bit of knowledge for users so the bulk of this page will be dedicated to informing users where the actual neighborhoods are.  


When typing a few letters in the Near section, the database will show a list of suggested results as shown below.  


Search bar with auto-complete matches based on the first several letters entered.

When it comes to Neighborhoods, we've tried to keep it simple in some cases while being a little more specific in others.  For example, Enterprise comprises a very large section of the southwest and Southern Highlands is a community within it.  However, we didn't go to that level because Google Maps doesn't recognize Southern Highlands with any boundaries.  


There are literally dozens and dozens of neighborhoods and we've used some smaller ones where there's a higher concentration of results (e.g. Peccole Ranch, Summerlin South, Silverado Ranch, etc.) That being said, there are four locations (Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Nellis Air Force Base, and Henderson) in the database that are comprised of 35 neighborhoods.  


Both Nellis and North Las Vegas do not have any recognized neighborhoods so searching by the zip code or street name may be more useful in these instances.  

NOTE:  For sanity's sake, these are the only four "cities."  Even though the map for Las Vegas shows its official boundaries, the unincorporated areas NOT in Henderson, Nellis Air Force Base, and North Las Vegas are commonly referred to and have Las Vegas mailing addresses.  Enterprise, Silverado Ranch, Paradise, etc., are ALL therefore searchable as neighborhoods specific to Las Vegas. Two areas aren't provided in the maps: The Strip and Centennial which is essentially everything west of North Las Vegas.  

A sitemap of the existing region, city, and neighborhoods at any given time in the database may be found here.  As new listings are added, you can expect the neighborhood lists to grow (e.g. Gibsons Springs is a small, unmarked neighborhood in Henderson that shows on the map if you search for it.)   


One last thing: from the search results page, if you zoom in too close on The Strip, the colored layers in some areas tend to get messy due to the amount of "stuff" on the page.  If you need to see exactly where you are, you can always click on the satellite map or, from the details page for each listing, you can use the map on the side to zoom in.  More often than not - but not always - zooming in closer will reveal the details of a larger setting (as seen below.)

Zooming In reveals (most) larger structure interiors.

Clicking on the photos below will take you to the actual Google Map.  

Questions?  Drop us a line at or visit us in the forums!

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list by any means.


The actual city boundaries of Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Winchester, NV.


Downtown, Las Vegas.


Arts District, Downtown Las Vegas.

Arts District

Gateway District.

Gateway District

Enterprise, NV.


Sunrise Manor.

Sunrise (Manor)



Paradise, NV.


Spring Valley.

Spring Valley

North Las Vegas.

North Las Vegas

Canyon Gate.

Canyon Gate

Peccole Ranch.

Peccole Ranch



Summerlin South.

Summerlin South

The Lakes.

The Lakes

Rhodes Ranch.

Rhodes Ranch

Nellis AFB.

Nellis Air Force Base

The City of Henderson, NV.


Whitney Ranch.

Whitney Ranch

Green Valley North.

Green Valley North

Green Valley South.

Green Valley South

Green Valley Ranch.

Green Valley Ranch

MacDonald Ranch.

MacDonald Ranch